Explore Worldwide

For more than 16 years Explore have pioneered and led thousands of tours, treks, safaris and expeditions from all over the world. Explore?s environmental goals are to:

  • Promote environmental awareness and good practice in our employees, tour leaders, local suppliers and clients.

  • Reduce the environmental impact of our activities by striving to use energy conscientiously: limiting air, water and soil pollution

  • Stimulate understanding and respect for local peoples, customs and cultures, and respect wildlife.

In an effort to achieve these goals Explore have developed an environmental strategy for sustainable tourism to:
  • Consider environmental implications in commercial decision making and involve all staff in our commitment to environmental concern and care

  • Ensure our tour leaders promote and involve our clients in environmentally responsible practices in all respects, particularly regarding litter and waste disposal on treks and camping safaris

  • Work together with local suppliers to encourage consideration for the environment, host community and wildlife

  • Promote understanding and respect for all local cultures, environmental issues and wildlife by providing our clients with background information and Responsible Travellers' Guidelines to help ensure minimal impact on the area visited

  • Involve clients in the assessment of our environmental performance and encourage their suggestions, and undertake to react positively to any environmental criticism

  • Use paper from a sustainable source manufactured by an environmentally friendly process for brochures, conserve energy use throughout our office

  • Support organisations concerned for the environment

  • Use locally owned hotels and various local modes of transport where practical and encourage clients to utilise local products and facilities so that the local economy is stimulated at source

  • Only operate small group escorted tours in line with out philosophy of 'small groups leave fewer footprints' which stimulate the local economy in a balanced, sustainable way without placing undue demands on local resources

Feel free to visit their site on the web at www.explore.co.uk