Droushia Heights Hotel

Droushia Heights Hotel was built to provide jobs for local people, and so encourage them to remain in the area. The hotel has become popular with special interests groups such as birdwatchers and archaeologists, and estimates that 95% of their guests are people who appreciate the environment, the culture and the people of Droushia village.

The hotel is introducing low flow shower heads and is developing a sewage plant which will enable it to start using the filtered water for watering the garden. Both of these initiatives will help to reduce water consumption. The hotel also recycles glass, paper and aluminium cans.

Droushia Heights is a Green Globe Member.

Philippos Drousiotis
General Manager
Droushia Village
Tel: +357 6 332 351
Fax: +357 6 332 353
Email: [email protected]

Feel free to visit their website at: http://www.swaypage.com/droushia