Dragoman is a specialist overland tour operator whose tours revolve around experiencing all aspects of a country - the great sites, the past civilisations, the natural beauty and wildlife and the customs and day to day life of the local communities.

Dragoman has implemented a strict environmental policy which all tour leaders and passengers are asked to adhere to. It includes policies on:

  • How to behave in gameparks
  • Flora & fauna
  • Our approach and behaviour with the local people, cultures and religions
  • Respect of natural resources
  • Waste disposal
  • Local produce and economy
Dragoman supports this policy by participating in C.E.R.T (the Center for Environmentally Responsible Tourism) which checks with clients that tour operators really do adhere to their environmental policies and donating to Survival International - a worldwide movement to support tribal peoples.

Feel free to visit their website: www.dragoman.co.uk