Canal Bike & Canal Bus

Canal Bike

Canal Bike is the ultimate way to roam around the canals of Amsterdam in a pedalboat. One can pedal from one mooring to any of the other three, enjoying the sights on the way. It's fun and of course very eco-friendly, as it takes no fuel, just a little bit of sweat!

Canal Bus

The boats of Canal Bus run a regular service through the canals of Amsterdam along three lines with 11 stops near the main museums and shopping areas. One can hop on, hop off all day long on one ticket. Most boats run on CNG (natural gas) instead of traditional diesel. This reduces harmful emissions - nitrogen dioxide, sulphur dioxide, hydrocarbons, carbon monoxide and carbon black are reduced by 80-100%. The new engine also cuts the noise level down by half.

Using CNG gas was only made possible by a close co-operation with Nederlandse Gasunie, the national gas company, ENW the city council energy department, the city council environment department and the Ministry of Transport and the Environment. Currently the gas is supplied by a slow-fill station. During 1999 a fast-fill station will be built, subsidised by the Amsterdam city council. Canal Bus will contribute to the costs by paying a higher price for the CNG.