Bucuti Beach Resort Aruba

Bucuti Beach Resort's Green Team Mission Statement is to 'protect and restore the quality of Aruba's natural and human environment and to provide an example for others to follow.'

The General Manager is the Environmental Committee Founder and Chairman of the Aruba Hotel and Tourism Association (AHATA). The General Manager initiated, organised and co-sponsored an industry wide environmental audit in 1998. The audit culminated in a report for members to use as a guide for improvement.

Bucuti's General Manager also initiated a 'Sponsor a Mile' programme to help clean up Aruba's environment. Members of AHATA were encouraged to accept responsibility to care for one mile of public roadway. The programme started with 8 (miles) members which has now been extended to 46 (miles) members. It operates once a month and in the most recent clean-up 552 people were involved and over 1,000 bags of waste collected. Each business participating in the programme also assesses the waste produced from one bag for each mile. Once the content of the bags has been analysed recommendations can be made to reduce specific types of waste, for example, hotels are encouraged to purchase returnable beer bottles.

The resort also takes care of the local wildlife by roping off sections of the beach for nesting native Tern's and caring for the local Iguana population.

Feel free to visit their site: www.bucuti.com