British Airways

British Airways mission is 'to be the undisputed leader in world travel.' To support this mission the company has adopted seven values. One of these is to 'be a good neighbour' taking environmental responsibilities seriously and caring about the communities in which British Airways works.

British Airways has recognised at corporate level that good environmental performance is vital to the future of the company. The airline's environmental policy was endorsed by the Chief Executive in 1990. Since then the Environment Branch, with support from the Environment Council, has initiated a variety of programmes to aid and encourage implementation of the policy. This includes high profile events such as the Tourism for Tomorrow Awards. The Environment Branch is complimented by focal points throughout the airline and also a network of environmental champions keen to volunteer for environmental activities.

British Airways environmental management programme is based on the five major impacts - noise, emissions and energy, waste, congestion and tourism and conservation. These have been identified as significant through ongoing reviews, audits and consultation with stakeholders. Training and communication in these main areas is a key part of achieving and sustaining continuous improvement of environmental performance.