The Algarve Tourist Board

The Algarve Tourist Board was founded in 1970 with the remit to define tourism policy in the region and plan and execute the promotional activities for the Algarve within Portugal and abroad.

The Tourist Board has been a member of the Green Globe programme since 1995 and has developed a number of initiatives to promote sustainable tourism within the Algarve including:

  • A seminar in 1998 called Environment - Competitive Factor for Tourism in the Algarve

  • Participating in a Green Algarve Programme in association with Green Globe and the Algarve Hotel Association. The aim of this programme is to raise environmental awareness within the region, encourage hotels and other tourism businesses to join Green Globe and apply for certification

  • The Tourist Board has also signed an agreement with the association In Loco to develop an Eco-Museum as part of a rural development project. The Museum will promote the cultural heritage and architecture of the rural inland areas of the Algarve. The Tourist Board and In Loco have also hosted a conference Primeiras Jornadas de planeamento Estratégico do Turismo Rural to highlight to local and national agencies the need for a comprehensive strategy for the rural Algarve