Aeolus Cyprus Travel Bureau

Aeolos Cyprus Travel Bureau is a dynamic organisation of 15 related companies co-ordinating business travel in Cyprus and, through the Incoming Tours division, a significant proportion of the total tourist inflow into Cyprus as well as a large number of one day visitors on cruise and shore excursions. Aeolos have also diversified into hotels and hotel management.

Aeolos has a comprehensive green policy which covers short, medium and long term targets.

Short Term Targets
  • Paper recycling
  • Electricity saving
  • Minimising noise pollution
  • Minimising air pollution
  • Prevention of fires
  • Using local services and products
  • Saving water
  • Recycling of tins and glass
  • Increased use of electronic mail
  • Printing 100,000 brochures on recycled paper
Medium Term Targets
  • Reforestation programme in association with the Cyprus Forestry Department. The target is to plant 12,000 trees per year
Long Term Targets
  • Aeolos has developed a programme of adoption of villages to maintain the cultural heritage of Cyprus. The villages which adopted Aeolos' guidelines benefit by having more visitors (but within manageable limits) sent to them from the Company's excursions. The guidelines include maintaining the local character by renovating houses and streets in the original architectural style, avoiding the use of neon and other multi coloured signs and keeping the village clean and tidy
  • Improving the main shopping street in Limassol to make it more accessible, reduce traffic congestion, reduce litter and make it a model ?centre of attraction?
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