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How to join Green Globe 21
Communities may become a Green Globe 21 Destination by working towards the sustainable development of its tourism related activities in a systematic progressive fashion...

The first phase involves a needs anaylysis, multi-stakeholder input and creation of the agreed plan with defined targets and financing estimates. It is again based on Agenda 21 for Travel and Tourism cross correlating destination standards with those of the travel companies operating in the community. The second phase involves the development of an Environmental Management System based on the agreed plan, with support services from qualified advisors, identified funding and measurable targets. Finally, independent verification ensures that targets are being met, with annual maintenance review against agreed performance indicators.

Once the Destination has completed the first phase and is proceeding towards the activation of the plan, they may display the Green Globe 21 branding to demonstrate their commitment. The Certification branding, with its distinctive tick, is awarded to a Destination once all targets have been met.

The basic cost for the first phase is US$50,000.

Thereafter the Environmental Management Systems costs depend on the specific nature and amount of work identified in the plan. Similar considerations apply to the independent verification process.

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