Green Globe 21 destinations - Caribbean


In May 1997, the Prime Minister of Dominica, with the full endorsement of the Dominican Cabinet of Ministers, announced his intention for Dominica to become the Caribbean's first Green Globe 21 destination.

The primary tourism resource in Dominica is its pristine natural areas. The volcanic landscape supports a rich variety of flora and fauna and is of great interest to nature tourists. The destination programme planned for Dominica aims to encourage sustainable tourism development - linking the tourist to this natural environment - enabling economic development to take place without jeopardising the resources upon which tourism depends.

Green Globe 21 has appointed a local representative who is working to gain the necessary support and commitment from the public and private sector for a successful programme. Although the programme has initially been slow to make progress, it is hoped that renewed interest and commitment will propel Dominica towards taking positive steps to sustainable tourism development and becoming the first Green Globe 21 destination in the Caribbean.

Caribbean Action for Sustainable Tourism (CAST)

In June 1997, it was agreed that the Caribbean Hotel Association (CHA) would deliver the Green Globe 21 programme within its own membership, through its subsidiary organisation CAST. Under this arrangement, CAST members receive the normal Green Globe 21 support materials and services, including access to the annual Green Globe 21 Achievement Awards.

Membership of CAST currently stands at approximately 150 hotels. Members range from the famous Sandals resort to small, family run hotels.

Over the past year, CAST has developed workshops, training courses and guidance material for its members on a wide range of environmental issues, including: setting up environmental management systems, energy efficiency, renewable energy and waste water management. Members also receive a quarterly newsletter, BROADC.A.S.T. which features success stories from members and environmental tips.