The Green Globe 21 / Future Forests Carbon Neutral Initiative at the World Economic Forum Davos Annual General Meeting

WEF has chosen this year to mitigate its impact on the climate, by "offsetting" emissions of carbon dioxide (CO2) through a tree planting initiative. This will be one of the world's first carbon neutral conferences, made possible by a brand leader in the field, Future Forests in collaboration with Green Globe 21.

The travel of the delegates to the conference, the electricity used to power the conference, local transport, the delegates' hotel accommodation and their return journey home will be offset.

Green Globe 21 has been working since 1994 to make the travel business more sustainable in its triple bottom line components, economic, ecological and social. By teaming up with Future Forests it is also committing to act upon issues of global concern, often dismissed as too big to be acted upon by individuals. Through the Green Globe network we will be able to reach millions of consumers, companies and communities worldwide

Carbon sequestration through tree planting is an important tool to fight 'global warming', especially in combination with efforts to reduce emissions through greater efficiency and the use of non polluting alternatives.

Future Forests has been planting in 39 forests in Britain and one in Mexico. In collaboration with Green Globe, they are now planning to expand internationally and moving towards being able to plant in every continent within 6 months, every country basis within two or three years.

So far, Future Forest clients include: British Telecom (Global Business Markets), Avis Europe, Mazda UK, Imagination, the Glastonbury Festival, JWT, The Levellers, Whole Earth Foods, Really Healthy Company, Pet Shop Boys, Fiat, UNISON (a large trade union), Greenergy, The EMI Group. Case studies are available on request.

This initiative is part of a broader 'Carbon Neutral Millennium Campaign' by Green Globe 21 and Future Forests, to raise awareness about sustainable development, global climate change and the role of new and old growth forests in off-setting carbon emission.