The Orchid, India

Recognition Award

(Nominated by the International Hotel & Restaurant Association)


Sustainable development has been the key watchword while designing, constructing and operating The Orchid hotel. To borrow a quote from Margaret Mead: "As people we have developed a lifestyle that is draining the earth of its priceless and irreplaceable resources without regard for the future of our children and the world". Hence the challenge for us at The Orchid was to find new ways of continually creating more wealth with fewer resources less raw materials, less energy, less waste & less pollution.

The Orchid in its endeavour to become a "zero garbage" hotel has also undertaken the project of vermiculture on its hotel site itself. Food waste, cooked and raw is treated at the hotel site itself to convert waste into gold.

The Orchid has left no stone unturned in their quest for a clean environment to the extent that they have provided opportunities for guests to be a part of the environmental programmes.

From the time the guest checks in to the hotel he is participating in the environment programmes. At check-in the guest is asked whether he would like a newspaper delivered to his room, and if he does, the same is delivered in a cane basket. This programme has indicated that only 50 % of our guests prefer a newspaper in their rooms.

Within the room the guest can participate in the energy saving programme by pressing the ECO BUTTON on the Master Control Panel placed alongside the bed. When he presses this button the air-conditioned temperature increases by 2 degrees making the room a little warmer.