Strattons, UK

Distinction Winner - Small Accommodation

'As a business we have pursued a policy of environmental awareness; initially without any formal guidelines or targets rather a joint gut conviction that we have a responsibility for the world in which we live. Living in a listed building with it's constant demands on your time and wallet regarding restoration has only served to strengthen our perspective that we are merely the caretakers of a beautiful historic building, as we are caretakers of our planet'.

Strattons is a family run, seven-bedroom hotel and restaurant, which is also home to the owners Les and Vanessa Scott, their two children, three cats, two dogs, 20 chickens and twp rabbits with a staff of only nine people. The Strattons mission statement is to 'reduce, reuse, recycle, rethink, rework and recover'. They promote the health of the environment through a partnership with staff, guests, suppliers and the local community. The thrust of Strattons Health of the Environment Ethic is directed towards a sustainable future and emphasises realistic objectives and continued improvement.

Strattons currently recycles, reuses or composts most of its waste, leaving only half a wheelie bin per week - and that includes the family's waste! In the hotel office, for instance, fax paper is used four times - firstly as a faxed message, secondly the reverse side is used for printing the telephone log (with printer set on 'faint'), thirdly the paper is cut into scrap and made into restaurant order pads; lastly, it is composted down and used on the garden where obviously it helps to grow the vegetables which will be served in the restaurant.

By introducing a change in policy on the use of miniature soaps, shampoos, gels and foams, Strattons has made a significant reduction in its toiletry bill from o1080 in 1997/98 to just o180 in 1998/99.

q Waste Minimisation, reuse and recycling

+ Energy efficiency, conservation and management

Ø Management of fresh water resources

Û Waste Water Management

+ Hazardous substances

K Transport

H Land use planning and management

" Involving staff, customers and communities in environmental issues

Y ' Partnerships for sustainable development

C Protection of air quality

O Noise Control

o Environmentally sensitive purchasing policy

Vanessa Scott