La Cabana All Suite Beach Resort & Casino, Aruba

Distinction Winner - Large Accommodation

'We at La Cabana Beach Resort are committed to recognising our ethical and moral responsibilities as global citizens to encourage and motivate our customers, employees, and our community to bring about improvements and to protect our environment and surrounding waters of Aruba'

La Cabana is an independent hotel and villa resort in Aruba consisting of some 779 rooms, 32 suites and conference facilities, with three swimming pools, casino, health club, shops and car rental facilities. Just two years ago La Cabana created a 'Green Team' to monitor, maintain and advance La Cabana's environmental efforts. This meets every fortnight to formulate and implement programmes to improve the environment for local residents and hotel guests. La Cabana's goal is to be the Green Resort of Aruba and the benchmark of environmental improvement against which other resorts can be measured.

La Cabana plan to actively conserve natural resources and energy in its resort operations, while maintaining optimum guest satisfaction, and without sacrificing operational requirements or safety. Some of the initiatives include the installation of 400 water-saving toilets, changing cleaning detergents to bio-degradable products, use of recycled paper, placement of in-room bins for glass and can recycling and the use of air-conditioner chillers to generate heat for hot water faucets.

The La Cabana 'Green Team' also applied its environmental efforts off-site with the Sponsor-a-Mile programme, where staff members clean up parts of the island on a regular basis, and donate old furniture to schools as well as feeding animals with reprocessed kitchen leftovers.

Total savings in 1999 as a result of the 'Green Team' action were calculated at US$145,786.

q Waste Minimisation, reuse and recycling

+ Energy efficiency, conservation and management

Ø Management of fresh water resources

Û Waste Water Management

+ Hazardous substances

H Land use planning and management

" Involving staff, customers and communities in environmental issues

Y ' Partnerships for sustainable development

C Protection of air quality

o Environmentally sensitive purchasing policy

Green Team mission - 'To encourage our staff, customer and the Aruban community to stimulate improvements to protect the Aruban environment and the surrounding waters'.

La Cabana Beach Resort plan to actively conserve natural resources and energy in their resort operations, while maintaining optimum guest satisfaction and without sacrificing operational requirements or safety. They will continue to effectively manage and minimise their waste production, utilise environmentally sensitive products and materials, and pursue community action programmes that are beneficial to the environment. As their environmental knowledge continues to grow, La Cabana will develop and expand the programme accordingly

Anthony Wever

Director of Engineering

La Cabana All Suite Beach Resort

Aruba, Dutch Caribbean