Jeddah Conference Palace, Saudi Arabia

The Jeddah Conference Palace Hotel is an Inter-Continental Hotel which aims to contribute to the protection and the preservation of the environment for this and future generations through a number of environmental initiatives, including, actively conserving natural resources and energy in hotel operations; efficiently managing and minimizing hotel waste production; utilising products and materials which are environmentally friendly; fully recognising and practicing environmentally sound activities, thereby generating improvements in environmental performance in the Palace; pursuing action programmes that benefit the environment of the Palace's local community; and fostering environmental awareness both internally and externally

q Waste Minimisation, reuse and recycling

+ Energy efficiency, conservation and management

Ø Management of fresh water resources

Û Waste Water Management

+ Hazardous substances

H Land use planning and management

" Involving staff, customers and communities in environmental issues

Y ' Partnerships for sustainable development

C Protection of air quality

o Environmentally sensitive purchasing policy

Dionisio A Lora

Jeddah Conference Palace Hotel