Avis Europe, UK

'Avis is committed to developing sustainable transport solutions. Avis wishes to create meaningful alternatives to private car usage and real opportunities to reduce traffic congestion and world pollution levels..Avis are aware of the real concerns raised about car usage and pollution. As the leading provider of car rental vehicles in Europe and the UK, Avis takes its responsibility for car generated pollution seriously. The majority of the 88,000 vehicles in the fleet use the latest low emission technology by operating a 6-month rule - the majority of vehicles are less than 6 months old. Avis has also increased the percentage of smaller, compact cars in its fleet reducing levels of fuel consumption and emission'.

During 1999, Avis introduced their water recycling unit for car washes into additional stations, and will continue to roll these out during 2000. During 2000, Avis will aim to create a greater number of city centre Car Clubs throughout the UK and on the continent; continue to offset carbon dioxide emissions with Future Forests; and aim to offer dual fuel/LPG vehicles to customers.

q Waste Minimisation, reuse and recycling

+ Energy efficiency, conservation and management

Ø Management of fresh water resources

" Involving staff, customers and communities in environmental issues


À Design for sustainability

Y ' Partnerships for sustainable development

C Protection of air quality

O Noise Control

o Environmentally sensitive purchasing policy


Katharine Johnson

Avis Europe Plc