Siam Inter-Continental Bangkok

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The Siam Inter-Continental Bangkok stands on 26 acres of prime property in the heart of Bangkok, belonging to the Royal Family. The property has 400 rooms, a business centre, banquet and conference facilities, restaurants and bars.

The hotel adheres to the Inter-Continental Hotels environmental policy statement to implement a realistic and practical programme as an integral part of hotel and corporate operations, that:
  1. Actively conserves natural resources and energy in our hotel operations, while maintaining optimum guest satisfaction, and without sacrificing operational requirements or safety.

  2. Efficiently manages and minimises our waste production, to the benefit of our environment.

  3. Utilises products and materials which have the least negative impact on the environment, and which are beneficial whenever possible, both in their use and source of origin.

  4. Fully recognises that environmentally favourable activities are practised unevenly throughout the globe, necessitating regionally diverse programmes and adaptation of the programme to local constraints, thereby generating improvement in environmental performance in every hotel.

  5. Pursues action programmes benefiting the environment in each hotel's local community.

  6. Fosters the education of environmental awareness both internally and externally.

The implementation and achievement of the programme will be monitored on an ongoing basis, and as environmental knowledge continues to grow, the programme will be developed and expanded accordingly.

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