Semiramis Inter-Continental Cairo
  • Green Globe Commendation winner 1999

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The Semiramis Inter-Continental Cairo pride themselves on being the first hotel in Cairo to actively pursue a comprehensive environmental programme. The hotel has 840 rooms, 1270 employees, serves approx. 250,000 room nights and 1 million food and beverage covers annually.

The hotel integrates environmental concerns into everyday business operations following the Inter-Continental Hotels and Resorts six point commitment to the environment:
  1. To conserve natural resources and energy within its hotels without sacrificing safety standards or jeopardising guest satisfaction.

  2. To select only products and material from environmentally responsible resources, whose use - wherever possible - has positive, beneficial effects.

  3. To minimise and efficiently manage waste production, ensuring the least possible negative impact on the environment.

  4. To acknowledge regional differences in environmental needs and practices by establishing adaptable local programmes, designed to improve the performance of each individual hotel.

  5. To identify ways to participate in local community action on the environment worldwide.

  6. To develop awareness of environmental issues internally and externally through a variety of education and training initiatives.

Some of the more notable projects implemented by the hotel include:
  • In Cairo all hotels had to use non recyclable or biodegradeable plastic bags for kitchen waste. The hotel contacted the Ministry of Health and Mokatam garbage collectors to get an exemption from using the bags. It is hoped that other hotels in Cairo will follow this example.

  • The hotel purchases hand-crafted Christmas and New Year greeting cards from the 'Association for the Protection of the Environment' which are produced by the young women of Mokatam, Cairo

  • The hotel initiated a project for all hotels in Cairo to plant 1 tree per guest room. 5,000 trees have already been planted and the hotel re-inforced this pledge on Egyptian National Environment Day by cultivating two gardens and planting trees with street children on the circular road of Cairo

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