M.B.S Voyages et Tourisme
  • Green Globe Commendation winner 1999

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M.B.S are a travel and tourism agency based in Conakry in the Republic of Guinea. The development of the tourism product is very challenging within this region and M.B.S. have been working with the local communities to maintain the infrastructure for tourism and also to educate local people about environmental issues. Some of the projects include:
  • Educating the local population on saving electricity and the importance of avoiding illegal connections and stripping electric wires.

  • Launch of a 'Water is Life' campaign to educate local people about the need to protect and conserve resources - M.B.S. formed teams to identify sites of poor plumbing and water leaks around Conakry.

  • Participating in city clean-ups and reforestation for public places.

  • Educational campaigns aimed at the industry and local community about the effects of air pollution and in particular burning rubber (from tyres).

  • Future projects which have been identified include eradication of insects and pests; protection of flora and fauna in the mangrove swamps; initiating a programme on water pollution and the effect it is having on fish; health care campaigns and providing assistance to poverty stricken and disabled people.

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