Hotel Kurranjong

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Our Environmental Commitment

At the Hotel Kurrajong, we are well aware of the delicate balance held by our natural environment. As a result we are involved in the following environmental practices :
  • Our bathroom products are contained in biodegradable packaging.
  • We encourage you to use the quality liquid body wash/shampoo provided which, unlike solid soaps, contain no animal or vegetable fats. This helps to reduce contamination of our fragile waterways.
  • Energy Efficient, Individually-controlled Heating and Cooling in Guest Rooms
  • Timer Switches on Bathroom Heat Lamps
  • Extensive Recycling of Waste Products including Glass, Plastics, Paper, Cardboard, used Frying Oils and Batteries.
  • Recycling of Bottle Corks into Corkboards which are then sold for Charity Organisations. (Available for sale at Reception)
  • All Clean Vegetable Peelings from the Kitchen are Recycled into our Worm Farm and Composted.
  • Master Isolation Switches for Room Power Controlled from Reception. (For an uninterrupted supply of power, please use the RED powerpoints)

Towel Replacement Programme

To reduce the amount of Laundry Chemicals leaching into our Waterways, we invite you to participate in our Towel Replacement Programme:
If you require fresh Towels, please place the soiled ones in the Bath
If you wish to use your Towels again, please hang them on the Towel Rack provided

Thank you for helping our Environment !

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