Hotel Inter-Continental Singapore
  • Green Globe Commendation award 1998
  • Water Conservation Award - Singapore Hotel Association
  • Environment Award for the Inter-Continental Hotels & Resorts group 1997

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At the Hotel Inter-Continental Singapore the priorities are waste minimisation and energy savings. The Hotel's environmental mission statement is to:

Recycle - Reduce - Reuse - Rethink - Recover - Rationalize

Over a three year period the Hotel has managed to save on energy costs of nearly one million Singapore dollars and are the leading Singapore hotel paper and glass recycling.

The Hotel adopted St. Nicholas Girls' School to impart and educate them on environmental activities. The students were shown the various ways the hotel implements environmental actions, for example, through the laundry re-use tank, recycling bins and water saving cistern tanks. The students were particularly impressed with the cistern tanks and the hotel sponsored, and provided the technical knowledge, for the students to set up the same system in their own homes.

The School was so impressed and inspired by the Hotel's environmental efforts that they invited the staff to assist in setting up an exhibition on saving the environment during the school's 72nd anniversary celebrations. The exhibition lasted a week and was visited by over 12,000 people.

The Hotel was chosen (based on their impressive contributions to saving the environment) for two local television documentaries called 'The Tough Get Going' and 'Go Green'.

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