Columbia Beachotel

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Columbia Beachotel is a luxury hotel located in Pissouri, Cyprus. The hotel is often used by guests as a base to observe rare migrating birds, sea turtles and the unique flora. Guests are provided with route maps and information on conservation work in the surrounding area. The hotel has implemented a number of positive steps to limit its environmental impact, including:
  • Replacing 80% of lamps with energy saving versions resulting in a 10% saving on the electricity bill

  • Using solar panels to heat the water, resulting in a 15% saving on the electricity bill

  • Irrigating its gardens by using treated water from its sewerage plant which has reduced the use of fresh water by over 60%

  • Establishing a purchasing policy to inform all suppliers the Hotel will buy environmentally friendly and recycled goods

  • Fitting a cut-out switch on all balcony doors which stops the air-conditioning when the doors are opened, resulting in an energy saving
Columbia Beachotel is a member of the Cyprus Marine Environment Protection Association, CYMEPA, which operates extensive public awareness campaigns, such as the annual beach-clean.

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