Carlton Inter-Continental Cannes

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The Carlton Inter-Continental Cannes strives to remain the leader on the Côte d'Azur in terms of caring for the environment.

In spite of the French policy towards environmental matters still being in its early stages, we aim to improve as much as possible our performance in this domain and comply with Inter-Continental Hotels and Resorts' policies on the subject.

To achieve this, we support all local initiatives which help protect the environment and strongly encourage individual initiatives within the hotel.

Inter-Continental Hotels have been recognised as a pioneer of industry standards and are the first company to set up an environmental management system for hotels. The global programme commits Inter-Continental Cannes:
  1. To conserve natural resources and energy within its hotels without sacrificing safety standards or jeopardising guest satisfaction;
  2. To select only products and materials from environmentally responsible sources, whose use - wherever possible - has positive, beneficial effects;
  3. To minimise and efficiently manage waste production, ensuring the least possible negative impact on the environment;
  4. To acknowledge regional differences in environmental needs and practices by establishing adaptable local programmes, designed to improve the performance of each individual hotel;
  5. To identify ways to participate in local community actions on the environment, worldwide;
  6. To develop awareness of environmental issues internally and externally through a variety of education and training initiatives.

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