Atlas Travel Agency

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  • Green Globe Commendation winner 1999

Founded in 1923, Atlas Travel Agency is the leading travel company of Croatia. Atlas prides itself on its exceptional service to all segments of travel - meetings, conferences, incentives, special interest tours, adventure travel, ecotourism programs, sailing, yachting and customised individual and group travel, both inbound and outbound.

Atlas Travel Agency recognises that a clean and healthy environment is essential to the future of the tourism industry in Croatia and we are committed to pursuing responsible environmental practices and lobbying for environmental commitment at the local and national level.

In particular the Agency will:
  1. Work with suppliers to promote good environmental practices and save resources.
  2. Work with neighbouring communities to improve the local environment and identify opportunities to provide sources of income for them through tourism, for example a multi purpose project to start commercial rafting trips on the Una river:
  3. Take environmental issues into account and look to minimise impacts when designing and operating tours.
  4. Encourage guests to respect the environment.
  • Repaired the access road to the river and cleared the area of land mines
  • Generated an income for the local community through business and employment opportunities
  • Established a partnership between companies in Croatia (Atlas) and Bosnia Herzegovina (Una Regatta)
  • Helped to persuade against building a dam and power plant on the river
  • Founded a handicrafts division in 1994 which employed local people and Atlas staff who stayed in the war affected parts of Croatia. Traditional hand-made embroidery was produced for tourist souvenirs which supported the local economy through a difficult time and also revived a fading tradition
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