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Green Globe Accreditation

Green Globe Accreditation is an independent company recognised by the travel and tourism industry having global responsibility for assessing and accrediting organisations seeking to offer Green Globe assessment services and approving Green Globe certification to both companies and communities that meet the requirements of Green Globe 21 standards.

Established to:

  • Ensure complete independence and impartiality through the separation of the accreditation and certification from Green Globe Global the owner of the Green Globe 21 standard, the issuer of certificates and provider of membership services.

  • Ensure the competence and integrity of independent third party agencies who provide assessment services against the requirements of Green Globe 21 standard.
This approach protects the consumer from brand confusion, enables independent assessment through accredited agencies, creating global but local delivery with independent review and approving of certificate.

This model has the benefit that the industry and consumer has only one established logo globally to understand and recognise; all certification bodies that operate in the sector globally are assessed by one organisation (GGA) and to the same criteria.

Green Globe Accreditation is in the process of establishing a council to overview the accreditation activities. It is envisaged that the council will have representation from: GG Headquarters, GGAP, Accredited bodies, certified members, UNCSD, HCIMA, CAST etc etc


Green Globe Accreditation is available to all certification bodies (assessment agencies) that want to promote and carry out Green Globe assessments.

Accreditation is granted to those agencies who provide independent assessment services that have demonstrated and continue to demonstrate that they meet the requirements of accreditation. In accordance with international accepted standards.

Green Globe Accreditation (GGA) will assess and approve the assessment agencies (bodies) in accordance with the appropriate prescriptive 'norms': EN45012 and ISO/IEC guide 62.

In addition each auditor must have the necessary audit skills, attend the Green Globe audit course and pass the Green Globe Auditor examination. Before the Accreditation is awarded, a field audit of a trained audit team is carried out. An audit of the CB's operations and witnessed assessment is carried out annually.

The Accredited Certification Body will be authorised to carry out assessments on behalf of Green Globe. As with the established global model the assessor cannot grant certification but only make a recommendation in the report, which is sent to Green Globe Accreditation for approval which is then passed to Green Globe for issuance of the certificate.

The benefits of this approach

  • Credible and replicable independent certification

  • Global reach

  • One programme for Travel and Tourism

  • Competitive fee structure (competition between CB's)

  • One acceptable and recognisable brand

  • Prevention of consumer brand confusion

  • One standard for the industry

  • Performance based assessments

  • Certification programme developed by the industry for the industry

  • Global Accreditation

  • Single certification approval/issue

  • Brings together skills and resources for benefit of Travel and Tourism

Accreditation held by an assessing body, awarded by an accreditation authority that is a member of the IAF, will be accepted by Green Globe Accreditation as evidence of meeting EN/ISO/IEC requirements.

These standards clearly lay out the basic requirements for assessment bodies.

Accreditation fees

The fee structure has been kept simple and is designed to assist accredited organisations to develop the business in a profitable manner.

Example Fees

  • Global* accreditation fee is 15,000 p.a. plus 20% of fees charged to the client.
  • Country* accreditation fee is 10,000 p.a. plus 20% 0f fees charged to client.
NOTE: Individual scopes and fees can be discussed with Green Globe Accreditation

All fees include 2day training course and the provision of procedures manual and documentation, but exclude travel and subsistence fees which will be charged at cost.


Certification is the independent assessment and verification of an organisations operations against the requirements of the Green Globe standard.

The delivery of assessment and certification services will be carried out in accordance with Green Globe's and Green Globe Accreditation's Policy and procedures manual. The following outlines this process.

Any Travel and Tourism company or destination can obtain certification:

  • Micro-businesses(with less than 10 employees).
  • Individual site of any size
  • Group certification (where a number of sites are within one management structure.
  • Tourist Communities (such as Cumbria in the UK and Vilamoura in Portugal

Enquiries & Proposals

Before any organisation can move towards certification it must first become a member of Green Globe and have paid its membership fees to Green Globe Headquarters or its regional partner in full. Enquires for certification are dealt with either by Green Globe Accreditation, Green Globe Global, Green Globe Asia Pacific or directly by the accredited certification agency. A proposal for certification can be prepared and submitted to the client by the lead organisation (Green Globe Asia Pacific (for that region) Green Globe Accreditation for all other regions) or lead agency (an accredited Agency).

Proposal giving the annual fees for certification will be submitted to Green Globe members on an individual basis, depending on the size and complexity of the business.

Proposal Acceptance

On client acceptance of the proposal and payment of fees to the lead organisation a statement of intent will be issued. In instances when the acceptance and fees are received by a lead agency this will be notified to GGA or GGAP as appropriate, for issue of statement of intent.


Assessments will be planned and co-ordinated with the client within 12 months of issue of the statement of intent On completion of the assessment the report will be submitted to the appropriate lead organisation for management review and decision on weather or not to approve the issue of certificate. Re-assessments are carried out annually to ensure continued compliance with Green Globe requirements.

Granting of certification

On completion of the assessment the assessment report is sent to Green Globe Accreditation for review. This review ensures that the standard has been adequately covered, an adequate amount of time was spent in carrying out the assessment and that the right skills were on the assessment team. Following the review a decision will be made as to whether a certificate should be granted or not. Once it has been approved that certification is appropriate Green Globe Accreditation will inform Green Globe that this is so and a unique, coded certificate will be issued from the Green Globe Headquarters and this achievement will be promoted on the Green Globe web site.

The Green Globe certificate, when issued, will be valid for one year and be renewed if compliance with the standard is maintained.

You can always ensure that your Green Globe Certificate is authentic via your listing on the Green Globe 21 website (http://www.greenglobe.org)

For Further information

Reg Easy, Managing Director
Green Globe Accreditation
45 High Street
Royal Tunbridge Wells
Kent TN6 ILT

Tel: +44(0)1892541717
Fax: +44(0)189528433
Email: [email protected]

Green Globe 21, 7 St Stephens Court, St Stephens Road,
Bournemouth BH2 6LA, United Kingdom
Tel: +44 (0)1202 312001, Fax: +44 (0)1202 312002,
E-mail: [email protected]